There is something..

There is something in your voice that breaks my lips when you speak. That minty and tangy sound you make when you laugh it lingers so much I feel like the worm eaten by the fish on your fishing rod. That’s very sexy. 

There is something in your silence that draws people to check you out and see what’s making you fall into that silence. That’s crushing.

There is something in your hand that lets me follow its every gesture like the hands of a clock they tell me something. That’s overwhelming. 

There is something about you that makes me wonder where you are and how you are. Then I realize where would you rather be?  How would you rather feel? That’s a bit comforting. 

There’s something about the way you stand in a crowd of people. You prefer the back seat and the window seat. But do so well when you lead a herd. That’s very remarkable. 

There is something about you that makes you my point of reference in my cry for light and understanding. That’s such a nuance. 

Perhaps this is the first time I’ve met a better man.

And although I’m not interested in what you make out of your hard-earned labor.

There is still something in you that I wish I could learn even better. That’s seriously incomprehensible. 

Just that

To me

you will always be a “there is something..”


That’s going to run for a while… 

Even that is quite all right.