white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time


…in this sultry evening, I surrendered all my defining colors. The sense of loss that I felt inside brought me an immense feeling of melancholy. Tonight, my feet sailed away to alleys, and creeks in hopes of retrieving that old symphony. I moved to yellow flame, orange flame, red flame, blue flame and in between yellow, orange, red and blue…but I was only met with words of a midnight-blue with a tinge of a yellow soul. Cold and frozen that hard grass and roses froze a timeless brood. They were wrapped by the pallid arms of ivy that propped the whole city. All there was a miasma; the sulfuric atmosphere of death and hell. The perfection of tonight can only get better without my groove. The tempest-state of some savage crimson carving bears on his battered wings. I can’t wait for the shedding of tears…the shedding of my tears for you when all the fowls are fearfully kept behind the auburn curtains of lunacy.

Hey, I cut myself

a little scratch on my tanned skin

a little hope lost from a bad dream

just a cut on my left hand it seemed

so light I didn’t notice 

Here was a lie constantly fed by an American spoon

just a scratch from a childhood game

came to me as a great excuse

Perhaps, a cat ran loose.

Silly you with all these colorful bracelets

a mere fashion to hide the scar unfading


Have you been crying?

well my tear ducts opened and collapsed an ocean of water but could I truly say? 

From a bad dream

just I screamed

Nope, it wasn’t a wound

just a lie

      somewhere I heard 

this tear was hard to conceal

rather showed how “another try”  

so close enough

to let me die.

Hey, I cut myself.