All about Eve

Her favourite was a dunk of cream-filled fruit salad; her eyes binged in everything blue and yellow. She was nine when her first brush of love crept into her skin. Her name was a misnomer. Inborn with warmth and curiosity, her countenance was often seen dense. Florals, polka dots and swirly lollipops lifted her world yet the crowd still despised her. At 13, dreams never came and they called her in different names some Danes, others one-way but mostly insane. Friendships were rare. While her smile spanned for miles; her eyes never knew day. So falling into the abyss on a spider web, the black became white. Designed to be an extremist, her views of the world were ephemeral yet she continued to strike and get bruised. They didn’t care and nobody asked so she lived til life escaped her sanity only to be seen under the plethora of the lost skies. By the end of 2012, the book was flipped, the plot changed, new characters were added and the climax was challenged. Deux ex machina led her to five men. They were archetypal symbols who caused her to discombobulate and bleed yet she thrived like grassroots. When dreams met her personhood, she started sewing hem by hem; burning the fringes. Then, she wrote many but untitled. She drafted some but were denied to completion. She stood on stage a few times but the curtain rejected her. And the stars warped backwards. Within 2013 and 2015, she metamorphosed. She walked like a swollen water melon in two tendrils. Change rolled flat like a mattress. She crawled, slept, bathed, and ran. She ‘can’. Then, the news roared. There was imminent cataclysm. Her nest got shaken along the magnitude 7.2 quake—dilapidated. Her silent cries, crippled heart and vacant sighs marred her soul yet the hospitals remained close. A year after, the ground began to smell like rustic wood, flowers bloomed and plants swayed as the wind blew. The sun was different perhaps even brighter. She heard the festive music played in malls. The children’s laughter brought new flavours in her town. She enjoyed the new ice cream sold in gelatissimo. Starbucks Coffee shop was installed. Her city was of shaded beauty. Her craving for new scents unleashed and she blossomed. She radiated on the surface but the cut remained; jaded and carried over til the new smell of jazz was heard again. 



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