A truth, one that can’t be found through imagination alone. What’s that like?

A fateful encounter, one that brings great changes. What’s that like? 

I think, a door to a bright new world is opening a little at a time. 


true tears

countless rose petals journeying swiftly under the moonlight sky

like insects, they hurled quickly through the air

to where the moon sets her eyes

never knowing what the end would be or the future to be

they flee to the silver light with their hopes and their dreams

flickering light opening the sea

words become dismal promise brought by the thrill of uncertainty

marching towards the uninhabited

reaching forward ceaselessly

only to make known what true tears will be.

sparkling eyes, flapping wings

a beatless dance to the moon colored witch

until they die, falling back to the mouth of moving darkness

bringing forth the endless swim of one’s dying feelings

inspired, compelled by one’s final tears.

sixth sense

I had a disturbing dream

fear gurgled out of its cradle

unstable fragment of a time

I never knew existed

until it appeared luminously


There was a woman

Her name I didn’t know 

she spoke to me about how I lost to two other women

I saw him too.

drowning in sin with lust to those women

my heart raced as if something was amiss

the knowledge was revealed to me-

What was I supposed to do?



5 kilometers per second

That day the greatest missile was launched. It was so massive and it only left us gawking at the smoke crowding its path. You and I stood there, together , along the fields of sugar cane as we tried to reach the last image of it before it disappeared on us to outer space. 

I think I understood then why you were so different from other people and at the same time, I knew, without a doubt that you were definitely not looking at me. 

And I cried behind your back as we continued our way home. It was because you were so nice to me that I couldn’t catch my tears from escaping.

It was rather sad to be feeling so lonely on a day when it was bright and sunny.




Mr. Life

Mr. Life’s a fool

He makes you feel you’re a lost soul

in this universe

that knows not you nor I

but somehow, we still survive

and forge ahead

relationships and people

who never go out of style

and yet still feel old all the time

and Time

we never learned from time

I ask certain people

and all they said were unedited excuses

with the same cover

perhaps, they’ve made a multi-million record

out of the ideas that left their heads and lived in their mouths

even if ideas came from different colors and eyes

still, they weren’t free to climb

Mr. Life and his mischievous plots

for us and them.

A river flows in you


blue blur bright close up

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In case you miss the fragments of your childhood

Don’t tell your mom.


Eat beside your notebook.

Sit next to a piano for hours, or days

And create–

the river that flows within you

until you get drunk with words and die a natural death.

Maybe in springtime,

When the trees are plump

And the rabbits have played among the

Lavender fields with the squirrels,

You can run on the grass with much ease

Let your feet fulfill their promise

To the earth that held your

Tiny voice and knee-wounds

At 6 years old.

Allow this gentle river to sink your wounds;

And the scars reminiscent to the days

That came but long forgotten.

Tell your friends how you wished the leaves

To swirl onto a clay pot

That had most of your secrets in the afternoon hidden.

When the sky kissed your back farewell

and the river sang an ode

to a passer-by

that spoke to you all this time.