Today at the Hall

She sits behind her table

And takes precious calls

While she’s doodling some trolls on her pad;

rolling her eyes til China meets Africa,

A caller begs her request not to be put on hold.

She said, “Your endorsement letter is ready for pick up at 11 a.m.”

Her tiny heart runs to the exit door

And got to the City Hall.

When she asked the lady for her fortune,

She said, “I don’t know anything at all.”

Sir Pablo and the cult leader went out of town

No less than Bohol.

Damn that empty confidence and her deceitful


Surprised by the lady’s ignorance and all,

The kitten asked for her rat but

was denied of her turf

Why summon a tiny hopeful

Trick her—

Make her worry for an empty porcelain paper?

“Please come back at 3 p.m perhaps they’ll

Make an appearance together once more.”

I said, Ms. I’m sorry I don’t have that play time and all

She said, “Too bad so bad we have no choice at all.”

So, can I get my fortune?

No way, I know nothing at all.

This is goin’ nowhere, Lord

Dubai, Canada, Spain, and Brazil

So long, farewell; I gave my all.

Guess for this bunch of Immortals inside

The marbled house

They don’t care about Juan’s downfall

behind the wall.

It seems a simple comedy.

If only Karl Marx was wrong—







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