amethyst dust

abstract break broken broken glass

Photo by Pixabay on

glass crystals unheld on the footpath by the ones who illuminated like grains of amethyst dust you— floated… and my dolce muñeca’s devotion’s core CRACKED. Looking for a new place to believe in even if I had to howl just to get around the blades. The outer cracks seemed hard to take in. I can see through the window a peppered world; more like it’s going to hurt soon. Trying to catch what I’ve been chasing; a genuine spark but it’s not quite alright hiding in black and white of lost cracks. Tomorrow I’ll sing you a happy tune, tonight, it’s alright to get covered in the cracks. Everything has gone backward when your troubled fingers touched the wild edges. You were ever holding the sight of the sensitive cracks that were once caught by the light. Oh no, tender youth could not brace themselves. In the mirror all the kisses got covered; they turned into the air when the surprise came what I could not find anywhere to dream about. For a minute I thought the edges of the blades are singing dreadful songs in summer pretending to be just pure crystals. It feels like it’s hard to live within the cracked space with multiple confusions. But even when I know the hurt that’s going to hurt, you’ll learn to get around the pain. The face of a swapped raindrop, the moon leaves the sky this evening to learn how not to shoot out of the heart. The silvery moon was miserable without her comfortable shoes walking on the sods. A vision trick under the night’s streak of light calls out a name but only to myself. Tell me, where’s your hiding place? I want to ask before the light eludes me.

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