Front yard

This is how my front yard looks like. Raw, wide and abundant. Will be working on this side to make my own vegetable garden. But this better get cleaned and prepped.

Do you think I can make it?

This seems like a lot of work…

We will see.



A day’s worth of weeding…

I’ve finished clearing up the sides…

more work to do in the middle …


There is a chicos tree in front of our house. It’s been there since the 80’s. It has provided us a natural shade from the afternoon sun. Cutting it down is against my will so it took me a while to decide. The tree’s branches have grown so long that they already sit on our roof. We have been bothered by the dripping rain water during this rainy season. Also because of its long and towering branches the chicos tree gives off that haunted aura and it scares people away. But all things considered, I decided to get it groomed.

So now it’s got its new look and our house look haunted no more…Yey, lucky! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

The truth is that I’m all about the waning moon and the stars at night…


Finally, I’ve uprooted all the weeds and grass in the middle. I have even more space now.

It took me until lunch time. My arms and knees are numb. But look at it now…

It is still a blissful day!

This used to be a corn field. Its beauty is even bolder now that it’s been taken care of.

Tomorrow, a plough master will take over this field. And I’m very excited about it.

Forward march!


Hi there! Here’s the star for all seasons!

The plough master and his princess has arrived early this morning. We were happy to meet them.

I think she’s one of the most diligent and the strongest animal in the world! She is compliant but dangerous when agitated. I grew up with our carabao or water buffalo, goats, ducks, chickens etc. Our grandparents would take us to our rice fields in Bohol. They taught us how to plant rice even until now whenever we visit them in the summer. So having her today makes me reminiscent of the old days. She’s really a big help to the farmers since we don’t use a tractor or other techs.Tractors are quite expensive despite having some redeeming qualities. Tractors are practical and convenient to use. However, this is also why she’s our most valuable possession. She’s every farmer’s gold!

We let her rest and swim from time to time since she likes water a lot.

She eats two sacks of grass per meal, a bucket of water. She must swim every 4 hours too. I think she’s high maintenance but looking at her hard work, I think I understand.

Don’t worry. She’s been treated well. I hope you are too.🀭

See yah.

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