Her: will I write? My Dark Art

Part of me is not afraid to look at the dark side of the moon
You may think otherwise
Believing all the lies that your boxed brain can only ever produce
It’s not your fault, I know
But sometimes, your sense of lack, hostility and your “wisdom less” knowledge become detrimental in the creation of all sorts of conflict and chaos between people and relationships.

I have sat on the dark side
I watched myself die an ego death
I went to a dark night of the soul
It was never easy but I got through them all because
I’m not scared to do some “quiet introspection”
To go within myself as deep as the Marianas Trench.
I don’t do witchy stuff, don’t get me wrong
But when you see me so drain and weak
It’s when my healing energies are being sucked out of me by people who only wanted to soak in this Divine blessing
They are energy vampires who spread toxicity everywhere
Who thrives by getting close to people with a rare type of Light.

So next time, when I say dark Art, don’t confuse yourself and make needless assumptions.
I’m not a magician with magic tricks here.
No. I never sold my soul to the devil.
This is for your education, so listen intently.

Dark Art for me are all the write ups that I wrote having sorrowful, painful tones and moods. It’s when I talk about heartbreaks, loneliness, discord, abuse or the wretchedness in humanity.

These are what I produce when I’m left by myself; alone at home. This is what I have to deal with on a regular basis.
All of these energies, not my own
But from people, strangers in particular, they come at me like waves, frequencies, energetic downloads, colorful lights so random, so sudden, so fast.
I feel other people’s pain, regrets, betrayals, their struggles, their mental stress, their lies and their cries intrusively.
I call this a highly developed intuition.

What I gather intuitively becomes the content of my writings. I call it dark Art because it’s such a heavy load of negative energies that I needed to channel through writing or else, it would stay with me all day making me feel sick and tired, in depressive state sometimes for days and utmost, for years. I suffer the consequences in the end.

You may say, I have cool psychic abilities. Having some superpowers, that it’s all hunky dory to me along with those other fluffy stuff …oh well, I’ve told myself the same. But there’s nothing cute about it at all. It weighs me down so much. I can’t even protect myself against it.
Though I give out healing energies to the world but only God knows, how mess up this can get when I’m on this journey.

So please don’t be like the others who speak but only in ignorance. Them with their moronic point of view can really hurt as hell.
Overtime, I develop my skills because I have to over extend myself in order to protect myself from these physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social vermin.

Oh please you don’t have to be empathetic or pretend that you understand.
Like I’ve said, I’m highly intuitive. I just know.

What I’d like from you:

Please educate yourself at least in order to reduce all the hate that I and the others get from your filthy plates.

Much love and ease,

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