Rapid shots of images


I came home late today. Later than usual. I met a friend from college and I was asked for an evening. We worked in the same block, surprise, my friend squandered all the time working behind our building. I didn’t know my friend was close by. A happy feeling!

Going home was a bit hard. There was traffic everywhere. Roads had been destroyed and re-widened. I called for a motorcycle. My body was heavy…heavy were my legs. But before I hopped on, I gave my friend a warm hug, but it felt like I was the one who needed it more.

The motorcycle was the scooter type. A rose-colored toy was driven by a random guy. “To this address, please,” I said. I had drunken tears. While on the road, I thought my tears were precious, I looked away so, it wouldn’t fall. The city life, nightlife was vigorously rough. Distantly looking away with tears about to drop.

And now you ask me about photographs and yesterday, the moon… Oh, that was rough. They transformed me, once again to be the sentimental, emotional snotty girl I was. “Sweetheart, tissue please.”

When I looked away all the buildings turned into frames of unrecognizable images. With my eyes blocked with warm liquid and my hair tossed by the nightly wind, they were rapidly changing frames one after the other. It was rough. My head hurts.

Sweetheart, perhaps I did not know anything about photography. Hues, shades, contrast, time conceived-perceived were dictionary terms for me. The pictures in my life were not taken by me. My face on paper or on the profile was not captured by my hands. Everything surreal to me. That’s why

I want to imagine to re-capture the desire and the unstated evidence of life and shadows within those clicks with words. Perhaps at the touch of a camera, my hands, oh they are such a nervous wreck. My tears and the camera would have dropped significantly in unison and break them into pieces. Perhaps, to you, sweetheart that would have been a deadly sight.

But I have always had this urge. That one day, I may get to capture my first image. That the day will come that I might see the image with the kind of lens that only you have. And my hands would cease to shake and just move swiftly like that of a Pro.

Perhaps. Or I might as well just be nurturing this absurdity. Who knew.

The wintry moon, the spring flowers, the summer seas, and the autumn sky, sweetheart, what do you think? May I?

10 thoughts on “Rapid shots of images

      • The art which scares people and keeps them away is no art… so no… In my opinion you won’t be imposing too much upon it… besides, one only has to start and see where it goes…

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      • one has to start and see where it goes…I think I have reflected on this and the answer has always been a yes and a no. You know I wonder Prashant. If you have ever been too scared all your life…that putting your toe on water could mean a fatal error…and ripples tell you to move back as they grow bigger…

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      • I have been scared of heights… sometimes I would freeze with sheer terror… but there was this one particular rock, a cliff I mean, that I was really afraid of as a child. I was sure that if I were to go anywhere close to the edge, the abyss would pull me in… years later I watched the sunset from there… that which was immensely beautiful I had thought of as monstrous… lately I have come to feel more and more for the sublime… terrifying beauty…. a voice so deep it sounds like the vast unfathomably deep ocean… it would consume you in a moment, with no fucks given…

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      • Prashant. If all I’m scared of is heights, you wouldn’t imagine me writing here…I myself can no longer differentiate the kind of fear that nestles within me…all I know is that it has taken the form of me. It has become me…It walks and eats with my parents and crosses the streets with me like me. A dystopic feeling that keeps growing overtime…I even thought of visiting a doctor for help many times but for some reasons, I never did.

        please excuse my being weird and scary though, I wasn’t really trying to.


      • Thank you April. It was a a good experience. I felt some connection with the people who were listening, and that made me play and sing with my heart.
        I will see if there is possibility of sharing a video…

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