(written for the sole behest of no less than our Boss, OM Rand)

He’s got a new hair-color now

A tad of brown and copper rust

He’s wearing his eye glasses too

Trying to shoot us with mystery, humor and substance

A daily suit and a watch

And some pointed shoes

Anything but fancy!

So, are you getting this down now?

I bet not.

Let me throw in some more, perhaps, you’ll understand the heat.

He is in between busy and chill

Too lax for me; too stern for others

Oh Boy, if he’s not keeping you on your toes all day—

It’s a shame to oversimplify but, meeting this guy who has a knack for communication, service and diligence will send your soul to the after-life.

He is neither a friend nor a foe but a definite slave-driver at work

This guy knows no limits!

He catches everyone’s great potentials, and propel them to be their own leaders and workers in his vineyard.

Man, he can get you up and running at no cost

Will take you on a long journey to self-improvement and self-care

Top, Bottom and Down

He’s a fur ball of sunshine on a week’s off

That turns to a grim reaper day in; day out

If you’re out to piss him off

So, am tellin’ ya.

Make no mistake.

This Angel and Demon knows how you play your game,

Nasty tricks won’t work and

Any boot-licking shenanigans won’t get you somewhere

He’s The Boss.

The only one who sits on the throne.

One compass of His finger and you’ll be calling out for “Dear Lord!”

Well, this is not to dishearten you. His got goods and guns in his arsenal, just sayin.’

He’s got good brains behind his ears, adaptable, flexible, quick, forthright,

Highly-skilled and an enabler

He’s the real deal.

A nice guy; a gypsy-charmer

And a game-changer

So, are ya catchin’ my drift now?

He’s our Boss in both volatile and flammable state!

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