Hello you?

You love the world so hard

Desiring things with every strand

But the outcome, you see is unknown

Sending mileage of cynicism and skepticism

Deep down; how easy it is to be ‘all knowing’

Almost quite too often, ‘you know’

plagued by the mysteries bestow in every idea

mapped out inside your freeing thoughts

a power struggle ( i need not know?)

A lost item but now has resurfaced

Science and Philosophy we all have to deal with them

But the realms of emotion only need the wisdom of the heart

where the heart outsmarts the genius in you 

and the truth is just the only victor.

Open your eyes and make no mistake 

The world is a trinity of the flesh, the mind and the metaphysical 

Too much analysis and calculating logic

will leave you drip-fed of time distorted.

This warring conflicts and unsettling disputes 

open up more fattening rational cells;

such rational accordance fills the head where such Philosophy only motivates the meek

but fails to satisfy thy seeking heart.


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