Two poles

Two extreme opposites:

the head knows North and the heart being South

Does it matter?  (we compliment each other?)

as we bring forth so much movement and breakthroughs

the mind that seeks fulfillment and stability


the heart taps down the inner self and emotion

 But who’s to say they act around the same platform

None is superior over the other or


the latter being the protector, the healer and  the educator

the first is the strategist, the scientist and the visionary–

Neither is half in love with an easeful difference.

 Must I contradict myself?


Do you contradict yourself?


but in the hope that ‘future’

will allow acceptance without qualms..

that my reality, your reality and the entire design of reality with others

will be bright enough to insert delight.

Truth might dazzle us with misdirection;

reason will upgrade us from living to leading

News can spin lies and deception

a woman; somewhere I read in Aristotle’s text—the fall of 

a ‘rational man’

such a rational rationalization

tell me who?

if any one is? Then, find me someone who is..

coz it seems so fetish, I’d like you wouldn’t ask me or Aristotle.

I hate it when someone ruins all the fun!










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