Mad woman

She’s a mad woman.

her face hides so much truth

and her words rather nonsensical

for others, they wonder (haven’t you?)

she’s a mad woman filled with chaotic energy

don’t think you can overpower her; she hasn’t given you her full-attention JUST YET.

When you see her with little or no energy, and it’s a good advice, your presence and ego-boosting intellect simply bore her to death

Her nature is charming and childlike to an extent, annoying she loves to play on trivial days

what you see, what you get

take her or leave her but even those remain questionable

“Do this, do that”

stay here; wait here

Control her to change her

be persistent on these and you’ll see her standing on the door leaving, sighing and blinding

Don’t mistake her though

Her parents brought her orthodox so half of her life was she a meek doll

the rest was differential

she seems undisciplined; uncontrolled; thoughtless but don’t be fooled like the others

she is dangerous when she’s at her best

she’s a mad woman so far, that’s one clue

she’s free; freedom is the key

adventures, new beginnings, fresh ideas, practical stuffs, unknown truths—-

Let her mind travel and her body grows thrills and she’ll be with you for the long haul.

the trick is in her eyes;

there is a reason for her eyes evasive nature

they wield her purest fires.

Judge her actions judge her well and she’ll leave no stone unturned

as she challenges you in every way, from an intellectual conversation to an unusual first date to a spirited argument and a physically satisfying resolution to the most outlandish storytelling and drama

But not unless she’s comfortable.

Her emotions can be sometimes over the place not to get your attention 

But to be at home with her emotions 

She can be very honest if you ask for the facts

A perverted monkey if you remain a jerk 

An awesome nymph for such mutually fierce desires 

She’s a mad woman the kind you’ll love to keep 

A mad woman who doesn’t confuse her ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ just to get the guy

And sometimes, she is just a woman. Mad. Mad. Mad woman to choose to be a woman; to allow you to be her man.

The mad woman who offers you real bond and new beginnings. 








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