Wait for that someone


Wait for that someone who’d ask you about your day. Wait for that someone who would ask you about random stuffs. Wait for that someone who’d not overlook the smallest of things. Wait for that someone who truly cares.


These days a lot can be said and not done. A lot can be calculated but not truly care. And even if the same questions and answers are asked and answered not all days are the same. Sometimes, asking someone about his/her day can make all the difference and most of the time, it can save a person’s life from the pit he/she’s in. A lot of people can tell you ‘ i love you or talk about big words’ but don’t really mean them. It’s the little things that are most difficult to do.

There are times when we feel that the world is too heavy to bear. Too masked to be real. Too difficult to feel.

But when somebody sincerely cares, he/she would want to know about your day because that person wants to be with you. To be a part of you and your life. To let you know you’re never alone. To show you that you’re not just a passing fancy. To always be curious about your day at work, at school or how terrified you are.

At the end of the day, you would want to be with that person and aspire to do the same towards him/her. You’d also wish to be there for him/her because you know they’re important. They know you truly care.

Dear, please wait for that someone.


The world is coiled with different wraps

You can see people from various traps

But to meet the ones who would bear your lapse

Takes a lifetime to find in the maps.

So when you come across the person who dares to know you

The person who’s interested in your big and small

That person who prefers to ask you about the boring sides

You know you’ve found your gem.

Because the smallest of things will always brighten those that dreaded sundown.

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